The CrystalBlue Voice Service

Through a partnership with Whaleback Systems, we are offering the CrystalBlue Voice Service—the first business phone solution built from the ground up for broadband to help Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) reduce capital and operating costs while taking advantage of full-featured telephony solutions.
The award-winning CrystalBlue Voice Service includes a separate, voice only broadband connection in the monthly service plan, and the entire voice service is monitored and maintained around the clock for you. Whaleback's all-inclusive, unlimited domestic calling package makes the most advanced technology immediately affordable for companies that need between 5 and 1,500 phone stations. The Whaleback CrystalBlue Voice Service is 100 percent premises-based and software-driven. This managed service frees you from the expense, hassle and feature limitations of Hosted IP / IP Centrex services or from installing and managing your own IP PBX system.
For the first time, you can take advantage of voice features designed specifically for your needs without the expense or headaches involved with traditional office phone solutions. The CrystalBlue Voice Service offers all the traditional business voice services, such as voice mail, speed dialing, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), auto-attendant, call forwarding, OrcaDial click-to-dial functionality, and music-on-hold and conferencing, but it also offers calling features ideal for SMBs


The SMB 1500 is an IP PBX, but it also features unique Key System Unit emulation functionality such as shared and bridged line appearances, intercom with hands-free response and group paging. You can take advantage of rich VoIP phone services, such as unified messaging. Voice messages can be emailed to the desktops of users—or to smartphones or PDAs, and OrcaFax is a secure, high-performance system enabling simultaneous inbound and outbound faxing. It provides unlimited local and long-distance faxing and allows users to print, store and forward faxes as email attachments. The CrystalBlue Voice Service unifies email, voice mail and fax mail into a common inbox.
Road Warrior remote worker features allow you to seamlessly extend your office communications to employees that are on the road or working from home. It allows you to connect multiple offices, mobile employees and telecommuters as if they were all located under a single roof. Road Warrior allows you to provide users with a second Executive IP Handset that mirrors the behavior of their desktop phones and can be plugged into any broadband connection. And you can provide mobile workers with a PC-based Executive IP Softphone so they can access all the features of the CrystalBlue Voice Service from wired or wireless LAN connections.

Each SMB 1500 continuously feeds management information back to the network operations center for management and monitoring. Whaleback network engineers monitor the status of each customer, and sophisticated alarms and events are used to proactively troubleshoot network operations to identify any potential issues before they impact telephony services. Whaleback also centrally upgrades SMB 1500s over the Internet without any need for customer intervention. There’s no equipment to purchase and system software updates are free, so you never have to worry about obsolescence. Periodic downloads are distributed online so that you can take advantage of new services and features without the need to assign personnel to upgrade the system.
Whaleback has integrated the functionality of a Session Border Controller into the SMB 1500 IP PBX to ensure security. CrystalBlue offers best-in-class disaster recovery capabilities. If your broadband connection fails, calls can be automatically rerouted to alternate phone numbers. The SMB 1500 supports linear scalability, so you can cost-effectively support more users and expand your IP telephony service infrastructure to support business growth.
We install the solution and provide training and support, and we serve as your primary interface for upgrades and expansion. You don’t want to become your own phone company, and the CrystalBlue Voice Service allows you to focus on running your businesses—and not on running your phone system.